Tournament Bracket Maker: Tournament Wizard


Best Features of Tournament Wizard Bracket Software

The ultimate online tournament bracket maker!

Tournament Wizard in an online tournament bracket maker that provides many free tools for organizers and league directors. In this blog I wanted to go over our very best free and paid features. While there are many features Tournament Wizard offers that are unique, these features stand out to our team.

Tournament Wizard’s Best Free Feature: Loadable Playing Areas

Loadable playing areas is what sets Tournament Wizard apart from the competition. It’s a rather simple feature that most websites and bracket services fail to offer. Using our game manager you’ll see all available games in order from most important to finish to least important. Drag and drop these games onto playing areas to automatically start a timer for the match.

This is an extremely helpful feature when you have multiple playing areas going at the same time. Making it easy to keep track of which matches are up where, if matches are taking too long to finish, and informing upcoming matches who they will be facing. As an example if a loser bracket team wants to know who they are playing next I can look at the bracket and the playing areas to inform them they play the loser of table 3, helping speed up events. This all adds up to a better hosting experience for both you and your players, and faster events!

Tournament Wizard paid features help organizers really set their events apart from the competition, adding ranking and stat tracking, a mobile app for players, allowing them to view live brackets and tables, and automated event promotion.

Tournament Wizard’s best paid feature: Push Notifications

Push notifications are an organizers best friend, automatically message players when they are up to keep events running on time. As soon as you drag and drop a match onto a playing area Tournament Wizard will automatically message all players involved with details about where they are playing, who they are playing, and the amount their rank will increase with a victory! At the conclusion of the event players will also receive a message informing them about their performance and rank changes. The following week, players who participated in your event will be automatically messaged 2 hours before the start of the event, reminding them to attend your event.

Push notifications add a completely unique element to your events that keep players engaged and coming back week after week!